Friday, October 2, 2009

Another Great Day in the Ozarks

Not much on the agenda today other than making sure we got the truck washed, so out we went. We decided to stop at the Ralph Foster Museum and the College of the Ozarks. Nolan had been there several times but I had not and had said I wanted to go.
One floor was mostly full of gun displays that Nolan really enjoyed.
Also on that floor were several animal displays. Very interesting.
On the first floor was the Beverly Hillbillys vehicle that they drove in the TV series. There were also lots of glass collections and lots of antique furniture. Lots of very pretty stuff!

Really great museum for a very cheap admission fee of $4.50 per person. Three floors of tons of stuff. Another great museum!

We were then off to wash the was cold and I didn't help....I should have but I was being lazy!

Back at the trailer Nolan began fixing steak and baked potatoes for dinner. A really great meal and a nice end to another good day.

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