Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Catch Up

Friday, 9 Oct: Rain and more rain! Did finally decide that we would spend the next night in Guthrie, OK, at the Cedar Vally RV Park and then start out early for the Lucky Star Casino in Concho, OK, to see if there would be a free parking spot available.

Saturday, 10 Oct: Nice day for moving.....NO RAIN! Got to the Cedar Vally RV Park and checked in at the Passport America (PA) rate for $11. Very level sites with grass in between the sites. Seemed like a park that people just stopped for a one night stay. It's right next to a nice looking golf course but sits on top of a hill.....Nolan said there would be lots of wind. PA rate is only available for one night or we might have stayed another night. We saw that the oldest saloon was in Guthrie so we decided to go find it.....we found it CLOSED and FOR SALE. Shucks! That was about it for the day!

Sunday, 11 Oct: We got around and took off for Concho, OK. It's very close to where Nolan's sister lives in Yukon, OK, so if there is a site available it will be perfect for our visit. Got here and there were severall sites available and after being here for a few days, we made a good decision to get here in the 5 or 6 each evening, it fills up with "one nighters". There are only 10 sites but they have full hookups and don't really care how long you stay if you come play in the casino. Nolan has been up there several times but so far I haven't made it there. It's defintely no place you would want to stay for very long but nice that is free. There's a lot of grass behind the trailer to walk the dogs and if it wasn't raining every day, not so bad. Nolan's sister called about an hour after we got set up and wanted to know where we were. Told here we were here and within a few minutes she called back and wanted her family and us to go out to dinner. We met at her house and then went to eat.....great to see them all again!

Monday, 12 Oct: Decided we needed to go to Camping World to see what they could tell us about the gas line and look for some washers for the water hose. Found the washers but they couldn't tell Nolan anything more about where he might find a gas line. Nice drive through town and to some of the places Nolan used to remember. The rest of the day we just laid around and did nothing.

Tuesday, 13 Oct: Nolan got up and met an old friend for breakfast. Needed groceries so off to our favorite store, Wal Mart. We decided to check out the Chisholm Trail Museum in Kingfisher, OK. Nice museum with lots of stuff. When we got back I talked him into cooking dinner.....fried potateos with sausage, onions, corn, and green beans mixed in. Very good! That was about it for the day.

Wednesday, 14 Oct: Today the plan was to meet Nolan's sister at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum where she volunteers as a tour guide. She got us in free and then had a tour so we went off on our own. Great museum but it is really big....takes a long time to go through. Nolan and I enjoyed our visit there. We then decided to go out to Pops for a hamburger. What a neat place.....over 500 flavors of pop and really good sandwiches! I had a blackberry soda and Grilled Onion Burger.....Great and a fun place! Made it back to the trailer around 3 pm and I think Nolan and I are both getting sick.....really tired and stomachs don't feel so good....we'll see what tomorrow brings?

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