Monday, October 19, 2009

Moving.....Not Yet

Friday, 16 Oct: Sat around all day and then about 3:30 we left for Charlcie and Kenneth's for dinner. Great stew and cornbread!

Saturday, 17 Oct: Nolan again met Curtis and they ran around all morning while I had a day to myself.

Sunday, 18 Oct: Met at Charlcie and Kenneth's to got to a couple of estate sales. I had never been to one of these before.....I think it's a cross between a hugh yard sale and an auction. You go into the person's house and everything in there is priced for sale. We enjoyed ourselves but didn't buy anything. They again took us out to dinner at Luby's this time.....ate way too much but it was good! Said our goodbyes as we planned to leave for Amarillo tomorrow.

Monday, 19 Oct: Wind blew all night and we were slow to get around.....wind was still blowing so we decided to stay put. Went out to eat breakfast and then for a drive around El Reno. Found a Wal Mart and stopped for milk and water. Sat in the RV and listened to the wind until about 3:30 then we went out for Pizza. Wind is still blowing but not as much; hopefully, it will quit soon and we will pull out tomorrow.


Jim and Dee said...

What a life! It won't be long, we'll be enjoying the freedom too.

Leno said...

Oh sorry you couldnt leave due to wind but how nice not to be on a schedule. I have to learn to do that. I am a very scheduled type of person..