Friday, October 23, 2009

Tuesday, 20 Oct: More wind and cold. Went out for breakfast at Johnnie's Grill in El Reno and made a stop at Wal Mart. Decided we would go out for pizza for dinner and that was about it for our day except for playing on the computer and rocking in the wind.

Wednesday, 21 Oct: More wind, cold, and now rain.....we didn't leave the RV all day!

Thursday, 22 Oct: Up and around, no rain and very little wind! Made in to Stephenville, TX, at the Lost Creek RV Resort. Very nice park but a little expensive for our tastes. It was $26 a night and we like to stay under $20. Dogs were exhausted and I was hungry! Passed a BBQ place on the way in that we went back to and I had a great ham sandwich. I managed to talk Nolan into finding a DQ so I could have some ice cream.....great ending to a much warmer and calm day!

Friday, 23 Oct: Yesterday I had called the Lady Bird Johnson RV Park to see about staying a week. They were booked because of a Wine Festival in Fredericksburg so we looked around online for another option because we were sure all the other parks would be full also. Decided we would go to Sowell Creek RV Park in Comanche, TX; or Brownwood; or Brady. When I got up this morning I decided to call the Hill Country RV Park in Fredericksburg to see if they were full also. They had 3 sites left so I reserved one for a week. It's only $100 a week just like Lady Bird Johnson RV Park. Sure glad I did, when we got here the sign at the office said full! We stopped for a sandwich on the way today so we're planning to eat leftovers for dinner. Dogs have been sleeping since we got settled. Not too bad a place for the price, we'll see if we stay a little bit longer....lots to see and do around here!

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Eating The Road said...

I had a great burger at Johnnie's Grill!