Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Texas is Much Warmer

Saturday, 24 Oct: Today was a big Wine Festival at the Marketplaz in Fredericksburg and also a big Motorcycle Rally at Luckenbach which is real close to our RV park. We drove downtown and there were so many people you couldn't hardly drive down the highway let alone fine a parking place. We just made a circle and came back to the RV and I made tacos for lunch. Later in the day we decided to go check out the motorcycle rally and that was also very crowded. The whole field they use for parking was full. They also were charging $10 a person to enter so we just made a circle there also and headed back to the RV. We'll wait til things calm down a little before we venture out again.

Sunday, 25 Oct: Wine Festival was only on Saturday so we decided to go downtown and walk around for a while. Went into a couple of stores and then Nolan took me out to eat a Mamacitas. What great mexican food! It was such a nice day that I set up the dog pen and I sat outside with them and read for a while until the sun started going down and it got cold. Love this warm weather!

Monday, 26 Oct: Rained all day.....early afternoon Nolan decided he wanted to go get a cup of coffee somewhere and I wanted a slice of pie. We started out on Main Street but when we saw the menu outside of one place and the pie was $5 a slice, we went to another store on a back street that we had seen that was a pie store. Pie was still $4.95 a slice so Nolan only got coffee and I ate the pie. I had German Chocolate Cream Pie. Sure was good but I don't know if it was $5 good or not. It was cold and rainy so we just spent the rest of the day in the RV.

Tuesday, 27 Oct: Today was hair cut day. Nolan decided he was gonna find a barber and I was going to the post office. Post office was first and then we found the barber. We then decided to try the Catfish Haven that we had eaten at last year. We both had their catfish dinner.....not wonderful but not bad. Nolan was going to ask the barber about a washer repairman and forgot so we stopped back by and then we were off to find the repairman's shop. Nolan just needed to ask him some questions about the machine making so much noise when it stops spinning. The repairman seemed to know what he was talking about and when we got back to the RV, Nolan pulled the machine out and took a look. Couldn't really find anything wrong so I printed out the parts diagrams from online and Nolan went back to talk to him again. While Nolan was doing all this, I again took the dogs outside in their pen and read my book some more! Nolan decided to order some parts from the repairman tomorrow and hopefully that will fix the washer problem!

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Chuck-Kathy said...

We are trying to get to Texas, the rain has been holding us back. Before long will need a boat. Glad you are having a good time. Hopefully we will cross paths this winter. HUGS, Kathy