Friday, May 16, 2008

House is Listed, First Relay

New realtor called me back this morning and we set up for her to come to the house tonight after 7:00 p.m. I'll let you know tomorrow on the price we finally decided to list it for. I've been back and forth about how much to lower the price by. I don't want to lower it so much that we can't get started into the new life style but I also don't want to over price it. The market is so messed up right now, it's hard to decide. I did get pictures taken today so at least they will be better than they were the last time.

Here are a couple of the pictures of the inside

Dining Room

Looking into the Living Room from the Kitchen

Master Bedroom

Carla, my daughter, called on her way to her first Relay for Life event of the year. She works for the American Cancer Society (ACS) as an event coordinator. She supports five counties in Missouri that have yearly events to raise money for the ACS. This event will start this afternoon around 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. and continue through the night with various types of fund raising projects conducted throughout the night. It is also an event that remembers/honors those who have survived and died from cancer. There's lots of work that goes into any kind of event like this and Carla was really tired before it even got started. I think she told me her goal for this event was around $70K. Her raises every year are based on whether she reaches these goals or not. Last night she said she thought they would be about $25K short.....she was disappointed but still looking forward to the event. From now til the end of June, she will help with the other four counties that she is responsible for with their relays. A very busy time of year for her. I'm so proud of her.....I worked all my life and never contributed to the betterment of society as much as she is with her career. Maybe someday they will find cures for all types of cancer because of the work of ACS. That's something, when she retires after 34 years of working like I did, to be proud of!!!

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