Monday, May 19, 2008

No Babysitting Today, Yard Work, More Pictures

Today was the first day of not keeping my great nieces during the day. I will still keep them at times but not every day......what a great feeling. Almost like retiring again! I think we will definitely miss them but now I can do other things.

Like.....we still had some trees that the tops had broken out of from the ice storm 2 years ago. They really didn't look that bad so we had put off cleaning them up. But, today was the day. We had some branches that needed trimming so you didn't hit them while mowing. So, at the same time we decided to clean those trees up also. Boy, I sure could tell I haven't been doing anything but sitting in the house. I didn't last very long at carrying those branches. It sure looks a lot better and I was happy to get outside and do something. We still have a couple of other trees that have died and we need to cut them down but we'll do that another time. It was so nice today but if the wind hadn't been blowing pretty hard, I think I may have given out earlier than I did from the heat. I think we got up to 87 today. Yeah, summer is here!

I'm really liking this realtor....she stopped by today to take some more pictures of the house and we talked for a while. She thinks we will sell the house.....boy, I sure do hate to get my hopes up but she did sound hopeful! I'm already feeling better about this lady than the first. It took the first lady a month to come and take any pictures of the inside and they were horrible. I took pictures of the inside and gave to the new realtor to make sure I at least liked them and she actually came back and took more. So, it all sounds good....wish us luck!

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