Tuesday, September 2, 2008

5th Wheel Hitch, LP Gas, Sick Girl

We have been so lucky! Over the weekend I was talking to a co-worker at the local convenience store and she mentioned that her parents might have a 5th wheel hitch that they would sell. Nolan went to look at it today and decided it would work for us. Has only been used once and we got it for $400. Nolan's brother will install it for us and we should be pretty much ready to go.

Speaking of going......we're leaving Roby, MO, on September 28, for Rosine, KY. We'll probably make a stop for a night or two before we get there. We will be going there for the Bluegrass Festival they have there every year. Here's information on the festival http://www.jerusalemridgefestival.org/jr2007home.html.

After picking up the hitch we decided it was about time to fill up the LP gas tanks. So, Nolan loaded them up and we took off for town. While we were in town, we stopped at the farm and equipment store to check out the tool boxes. I think they had one we should have gotten, but Nolan wants to look around some more.

My great niece who is 5 years old was not feeling up to par so she got to stay with us today. You could tell she was not her usual talkative self and she only took one bite of her pizza (her favorite food). She still was a lot of fun and maybe she will get to stay another day with us!

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