Saturday, September 6, 2008

Work, Catfish

Wow was it cold this morning when I got up to get ready for my first day of working. Turned on the little electric heater and silly me didn't shut it off before I turned on the hair dryer. Through the breaker and took me forever to figure out how to turn it back on....and Nolan sure wasn't getting out of bed to help either. He got in about midnight and I guess he was tired!

Was kind of slow at work and I thought 2:00 pm was never going to come around.

We decided to go out to eat at a new "Pay Lake" where they also have a restaurant that serves the catfish from the lake. Not bad and a very pretty place....will really be nice after they get everything finished up, i.e. landscaping and stuff.

Drove home the long way through country roads....nice afternoon after a very slow morning!

Tequila is still not OK....don't think she ate today....I'm a little worried.

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