Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nolan Leaves, Lucy's Sick, Longaberger Home Show

Nolan got up very early and was off to Maryland....I have great plans for the week, i.e. clean out the basement, get everything in it's place finally, go pick up the new recliners, get a haircut and color, buy an air card and booster with antenna. Hope all goes well!

Well, after I finally got up I discovered that Lucy was very, very sick. Last week my daughter's Maddie, also a silky terrior, got her shots updated and got very sick. Carla called her vet the next morning and the vet said not to worry that they sometimes get sick just like people do when they get a flu shot. So, I didn't pantic like Carla did but it sure was sad. Lucy wouldn't even walk anywhere, didn't eat or drink all day, she was shivering and just let me hold her all morning. Finally put her down to get ready for my last Longaberger Home Show for a while although I was not very comfortable leaving her.

Spent at least 3 hours getting ready for the home show.....wanted to do something different because it was the same group that I had been talking to for the last couple of months. Turned out to be a great show, 14 ladies showed up. Hope everyone had a good time.....I sure did and besides that it was kind of profitable. Made about $175....great part time job don't you think!

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