Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Work, Cara, Pet Care

Well, in between our getting ready to move out, Nolan decided to make one more trip for his friend hauling equipment. This will be a long trip. He will first go out to Colorado Springs, CO, to pick up the equipment and then from there take the equipment all the way to Fort Meade, MD. He will be gone for at least a week. I should be able to get the rest of the stuff in the trailer put where it belongs and the "basement" organized.

Well, Cara, my great niece, did get to stay with me another day. However, today was a very rainy day and we mostly stayed inside all day. We played on the computer, watched cartoons, and played with the Play Doh. She is so cute and fun to be with!!! We will sure miss getting to see them as often as we do now. My plan is to take them with us during the summer for as much as their mother will let them!

Decided it was time to get the pets ready for travelling. Tequila, the 16 year old Himilayan cat, seriously needed a hair cut to get rid of all the matted hair so I made an appointment for her tomorrow at 9:00 in Lebanon with a new groomer. Tequila does not like groomers and the last one pretty much said don't bring her back....she bites. Lucy, the Silky Terrior, needs a trim also. Called the same lady she has gone to since she was a puppy and she said to bring her in at 10:00 (that's local). So, I will have a busy morning. Also, decided that both the dogs needed to be microchipped. Made an appointment for that Monday, September 8. I think that should be it for the animals!

Sure is quite around here when Nolan is gone. Watched the Republican Convention and fell asleep!

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