Friday, September 5, 2008

Day of Nothing But Sorting Through Files

Was slow about waking up today.....decided I didn't feel so good....maybe got a little of what Cara had. Worried about Tequila all day. She only got up a couple of times but she did eat some.

Finally made it through the stack of papers and stuff I had that needed to be thrown away or filed in the two drawer file cabinet I put in the trailer. Took about 3 hours but I made it through it all and had a big stack of trash and everything I wanted to keep fit in the cabinet!

Now only one more thing to do and I'll feel like everythings is in it's place.....organize the "basement"!

Nolan called and he will be back home tonight to get something done with the trucks he's using. Think he'll be here a couple of days before he goes to Maryland.

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