Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Alamo and Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX

Today is the day for visiting The Alamo and Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio, TX. When we left it was misting rain so we weren't sure we would get it all in today. These pictures of the Alamo.....lots to see and read about here. They really keep the ground pretty and neat.

This is Nolan walking over to the well to throw a penny in.....wonder what he wished for.....a house in Roby??
This is the entrance to the gift shop.
I think this wall was where one of the original walls was located.

It was still not raining so we decided to find the riverwalk, neither one of knew where to go. Wasn't too hard. We just walked across the street from this tree and down the steps and we were there.These are a few of the pictures of what we saw. We managed to walk around the complete square. We then ate at a mexican restraurant.

There were ducks everyone. They acted like they were waiting for us to feed them.
Nolan did not want to ride the boats and I thought I could talk him into coming back later to see the Christmas lights.....NOT! In spite of the weather, it was a fun day.

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