Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today, Monday, Sunday, and Saturday

Today, what great weather we had today. Sunny and warm! Slowly got ready and went down to the club house for craft time. Took my knitting cause I didn't know what their plan was for today. Only three other ladies showed up so we just all worked on our own projects and talked. Very nice ladies. I think a lot of people in the campground had families visiting them here for the holidays. We'll see what craft time is like next week.

Monday, the day to finally wash our trailer. We had plans to wash it since we were back in Missouri in the summer. One of those things that kept getting put off. We started about 9:30 or 10:00 and about 11:00 I made a trip to Walmart to see if I could find a scrubber with a handle on it. Found what we needed and made it back. When I left Nolan had been working on a mop with a sponge on it that kept coming apart. He had managed to get it to stay on and was finished with the front with all the bugs on it.....wow, what a job! We both worked on the rest of the trailer until sometime around 3:00 or 4:00. Nolan decided that while he was working on it and still had the borrowed ladder, he would clean the outside of all the window so I went inside and changed the sheets on the bed and vacuumed the floors and cleaned up everything else. By the time it was bed time I was feeling a little stiff. Sure hope I'm not sore in the morning!!!

Sunday, Did I say we haven't been able to go a day without going into Walmart at least once each day! Well, that's about all we did today; it was a little cooler so we didn't spend much time outside.

Saturday, I said I wanted to drive to Port Aransas to see what was there. Started out down 35S and got to Aransas Pass and turned to go across the causeway. Got the the ferry and decided we didn't want to go across (now I wish we had and we plan to try it again sometime soon). Turned around and headed back to Rockport. I wanted to go see if the Rockport Beach was somewhere we could take the dogs to so we drove over there. This is the entrance to the Beach. You have to pay so we didn't enter.
While we were at the entrance we say this guy take off.
This is the Chamber of Commerce where I eventually found the post cards to send to Cain, Cara and Brenna that I had been looking for. We first checked the museum because they had a gift shop and the lady working there recommended we check at the Chamber.
This is the museum that we checked first. We were not very interested in the museum so we didn't go through it.
Another view of the museum.
On the way to Aransas Pass we saw the sign for the Big Fisherman Restaurant. So after we found the postcards we decided to try in for lunch. Not bad and not very busy; but, as big as it was and looking at the parking lots I can imagine that it might get pretty crowded and busy.
Front of restaurant.
That was about it for the day!

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