Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Laundry, Vet

Well we were going to take our bedspread and a couple of blankets to the laundry to wash as they don't fit in the washer in the trailer. Monday, the weather was nasty so we decided to wait until Tuesday. After that little outing, I remember why I hate laundry mats and am so thankful that I got the washer and dryer in our trailer. I can only wash small loads but I would much rather do that on my time than wait around in a laundry mat.

We also took our cat with us hoping that maybe the vet had time to see her about the tumor she has on her stomach that has turned into an open wound that won't clear up. He did not so I made an appointment for Wednesday in Waynesville after I found out that the Wal Mart in Houston does not take my vision insurance and I would have to go to Waynesville for that also.

So today I started out at 9:15 for a day in Waynesville. Made a 10:00 nail appointment, took my sister to lunch at Cracker Barrell, took the cat to the vet, and got my eyes examined.

Left the cat at the vets so he could do surgery on the tumor and hopefully he won't find very much more cancer. He said he was pretty sure there would be more but since she was feeling OK, I decided to get rid of the ones he could see now and wait and see how she does in the coming months. She is 16 1/2 years old and will probably not be with us very much longer. But, as long as she is feeling good, guess we will do what we can for her. It's so sad to realize she may not be around much longer.

Looks like things are getting done so we can really start for Texas on Tuesday, December 9th. Yeah!

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