Thursday, January 8, 2009

Aransas Wildlife Refuge

Even though I got up feeling worse with a cold, I wanted to get out so we went to the Aransas Wildlife Refuge. It was a beautiful day, 70 degrees when we got there and sunny. We took Oscar and Lucy. It's a driving tour with places you can stop and look for the different types of wildlife. Great place!
Nolan thought he counted about 25 alligators in this pond.
Just a few of the pictures I took of the animals. It's about a 14 mile drive through the park and we couldn't have picked a better day.

As we were driving home we passed a Used Book Warehouse and decided we would go there later and out to eat Mexican. Around 3:30 we took off again. I think that's the most used books I have seen in one place before.....anything you wanted you could find there. We bought a couple of books and then went to the restaurant next door. We were the only ones there.....that's always a little pit scary but it was really good. Guess it was just the wrong time of day. And, then guess what we did, you got to Walmart cause we needed diet coke, milk, bread, and cold medicine. We didn't make it until Monday!

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