Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Visiting and Nothing

TUESDAY: I had talked to Leona yesterday and told them we were here and would come to visit tomorrow afternoon. So, that's what was on today's agenda. Finally got around and was hungry....boy was that a mistake not to eat before we left. I was kind of hungry for mexican food and thought surely we could find a good mexican restaurant in this large place of restaurants and stores.....NOT!!!! We started out just fine, just driving and looking....I should have known better. Nolan started getting anxious and lost all patience for looking and told me to stop giving directions and he would just find some place to eat. Well, that's kind of hard to do but I did manage to keep kind of quiet while he drove around for another 15-20 minutes. He finally stopped at a fast food kind of mexican place that was not good! Needless to say I won't ask to go some place again without knowing exactly where I want to go. After that we drove to Leona and Jerry's temporary home here in Texas....sat and talked for a while and decided what time we would meet Friday to go to the King Ranch. Got back home and was glad of it!

WEDNESDAY: No plans for today except go to the store and guess what we found yesterday only a couple of blocks away....yes you guessed it Walmart! So, around noon we went to Walmart and picked up a few items.....back to the trailer and I sat outside in the sun for a little while. Around 4:00 we joined the group outside for "Tea Time". Met some new people and after about an hour or so back to the trailer for the rest of the night....nothing too exciting for today!

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