Monday, January 19, 2009

Moving Day

Today was the day to leave Rockport.....nice place to stay.....not too big but big enough. We got on the road about 9:30 am. A very uneventful day. Our plan was to visit a couple of parks and decide which one to stay in. With a 36' trailer behind you, that doesn't work very well and we decided to stay at the first park we stopped at.....Alamo Plams in Alamo, TX. A hugh park with small sites. We picked a site that we thought would work and went back to the office to sign in.....Nolan decided that we would only stay 2 weeks here instead of a month....kind of expensive at $360 for 2 weeks, however, we do not have to pay for electric separate. Nolan got back up into the site OK but when we started putting out the slides, one of the slides in the living room was going to hit the roof of the trailer on that side and the other one was in an orange tree. Nolan went to look for the help to see what we needed to do. They came back and said we could pull out farther out in the road. So, we are stuck out a little farther than most but the slides are out and not touching anything except the orange tree on the right side of the living room.....not a big deal. We just relaxed the rest of the afternoon and then around 4:00 pm they started bringing lawn chairs to the site next to us which was empty for their "tea time" gathering.....won't have to go very far for Happy Hour here! We'll wait and see but I'm not sure how much we will like this park.


Debbie and Rod said...

Hey Donna, glad to see you made it safely. Say hi to Nolan for us.

Debbie & Rod

Phyllis said...

Hi Donna
I say Patty at the ballgame in Licking last weekend and she sent me your site. This is very interesting and fun to read. I hope I am doing this right as it is a first for me. And, I didn't know you liked to scrapbook. I am addicted. Have been doing it for several years.
Happy times