Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crafts and Port Aransas VFW

I was very slow getting around this morning but eventually around 12:15 I decided I would get ready and go to the club house for crafts. Glad I's fun to sit and talk to the other ladies while I knit my surprise project.

On the way back to the trailer, Nolan was sitting outside talking to the neighbors so I had a seat and knitted some more until it was time to drive over to Port Aransas. Nolan had called a friend he had worked with in Iowa named Buck a couple of weeks ago and Buck mentioned that his father-in-law was wintering in Port Aransas. The next day Nolan got a call from Tom, Buck's father-in-law, introducing himself and asking us to come over for a visit. Well since it was almost time for us to leave Rockport, we decided today was a good day to make the trip. On the way there I asked Nolan if he knew who we were looking for and he said "no".....I didn't say any more. Tom had invited us to meet them at the VFW in Port Aransas. Wasn't hard to find but the parking lot sure was full for the size of the building. Lots of people inside. We found a table and sat there a few minutes and I suggested that maybe Nolan could call Tom on his cell phone. As Nolan had the phone to his ear the guy sitting right beside him at the next table started digging out his cell phone and turned around. It was Tom. He and Nolan had a good visit and then we headed back home.

A good day in the life of full timers....wonder if it will last?

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