Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not Much to Report

Monday I wasn't feeling the best again, a little left over cold or something. Did manage to do our favorite thing though....yes you guessed, a trip to Walmart and the rest of the day was spent in the recliner.

Tuesday we decided to see how Falcon State Park looked for moving to next week in order to stay close so Nolan can see his niece before we leave the valley, she doesn't get her until February 5 to visit her parents. Well, I should have looked up how far it was from McAllen because it was way to far....we didn't drive all the way but did drive by a couple of other places in Mission that I had looked up. Seven Oaks RV Resort looks good if we decide to move; however, during the drive, I think we decided to just stay put for another week. Made it back to the trailer in time for "Tea Time" and we joined in. The the rest of the night was spent in the recliner.

Today, we went to Walmart to pick up a prescription and then off to the Flea Market to spend the rest of the afternoon. I did manage to pick up a few bargains today.....a baseball hat to control my hair when it's windy, a couple of boxes of cards, and an ankle bracelet. Again, we made it back in time for "Tea Time" and then off to the recliners. The "Tea Time" group was going to an Air Force Concert at one of the schools and Ginger and Skip asked us to go with them but that's not quit Nolan's cup of "Tea".

I'll update you again in a couple of days.....oh yeah, the weather here is really nice even though it was a little cool today starting out around 55 then it warmed up to 65 or so.....nice in the valley!!!

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