Sunday, January 18, 2009

Two Uneventful Days

Saturday was Hot Dog Roast day....around noon we decided to go to an antique store that Nolan had saw an ad for.....lots of stuff there but because I don't have anywhere to put anything, I walked away empty handed. Stopped by Walmart for food for the hot dog roast and went back to the trailer. I knitted the rest of the afternoon. Because I thought the hot dog roast started at 5:30, I was out walking the dogs at 5:00 when Nolan said that everyone was already at the fire. I hurried but we were still late.....everyone had already roasted their dogs and filled their plates. We went ahead and cooked our hot dogs and ate but by the time we were done everyone was picking up their chairs and taking off.....oh well, guess I should have looked at the calendar more closely!

Today, we didnt' have any plans at all but I really wanted to see if I could find some double pointed needles to use on one of my special projects. So, I talked Nolan into going to the Walmart at Aransas Pass but they didn't have the right size. He agreed we could drive on to Corpus Christi to the Michaels store I saw the other day on our outing. Got there and they had everything I needed plus lots of different types of yarn.....can't wait to start something else and get my yarn from there. Back home we did a bunch of nothing; kind of picking up stuff to get ready to leave tomorrow. I did managed to finally take some pictures of the park where we have stayed for the past month.....

Beautiful and warm day in coast bend Texas!!!

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