Saturday, March 21, 2009

Luckenbach Again and Trade Days

Our adventure today was to hop in Chuck and Kathy's truck with Debbie and Rod and meet Bob and Molly in Luckenbach. Then we were going to the Trade Days they have outside of Fredericksburg and then dinner at a german restaurant in Fredericksburg. I borrowed a few pictures from Debbie cause my camera's battery was going dead when we were at Luckenbach and I didn't want to walk back to the truck.

Chuck and Kathy
Nolan and I (thanks Bob andMolly)
Bob and Molly (thanks Debbie) Debbie and Rod (thanks Bob and Molley)
Debbie and Rod found out from the clerk at the store that the population is now 1.......
One of the first things we did when we got there was check out this steer. At first it looks like it's not alive but it moved it's head and surprised the heck out of us.

Bob insisted that Molly get on to have her picture taken and then of course we all had to stand with her for a picture!

This is Nolan inside the bar.....he doesn't look very happy but it was just the picture.....he had a good time cause he got to drink beer!

They had people playing music under this shelter....just so happens there were tons of bikers there and Luckenbach was celebrating the return of the mud dawber with a festival.

When we left there Chuck and Kathy said we had to stop at this place to see this guy who carves on beer bottles and granite stones. When we got to the door that was open there was a note saying he was at the Trade Days and if we bought something to leave the money in the pot.....very trusting guy and lots of nice carvings!Outside his shop.
So, we were off to the Trade Days.....a hugh flea market with lots and lots of stuff. The others went off to find the carving guy while Nolan took off in the opposite direction. I finally met up with him and he had been through all the buildings but 2 already.
We made plans to meet up back at the truck at 4:00 in case we lost each other and of course we did......this is Chuck and Kathy making their way back to the truck.
Nolan waiting for everyone to get back to the truck......
I was getting hungry, the others not so much.....they had found a booth that was selling jellies, sauces and mixes and I think they tried almost every one of them. However, we still made it to the german restaurant (I can't spell the name). Very good food but not quit as good as The Hub in Waynesville. This is a picture that Debbie took of the whole group.....we sure did have a good day with all these friends!


Bob and Molly said...

Nice job Donna...and please tell Nolan again, that I love his new look! LOL, he shaves and Bob grows a beard...go figure!
Hugs to both of you!

Debbie and Rod said...

LOVED the pictures Donna!! ;-)