Saturday, March 14, 2009


You never know what Nolan will want to do the next day or if he'll want to do, he announced shortly after I was back in the trailer from walking the dogs that he wanted to go to Luckenbach, TX, you know the town from the song. I'm always ready to take off so that's what we did....not a very long drive and we were there. Below is all there is to this town. We had kind of planned to eat somewhere there but the only food was a concession stand and outside picknick tables....way too cold for that. In the "dance hall", they had someone singing but Nolan wasn't interested in that so we took a few pictures and went in the store/bar for a look.
The post office/store/bar.
Side view of the post office/store/bar.
"Dance Hall"and concession stand.
That was it.....we were still hungry so on the way back we thought about stopping in Fredricksburg but it was way too busy for Nolan so we stopped at Wendy's in Kerrville. That was OK with me cause I love Wendy's chilli and I was still cold. Back at the trailer, it was more knitting and watching TV. About 7:00 pm Rollie knocked on the door and said we were invited to their trailer for chocolate pie but I was way too warm and comfortable to get out again so I thanked him and said not this time! I'm sure they had a good time as this group always seems to do.

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