Friday, March 27, 2009

11th Street Bar and Grill and Day Trip

Early in the day Wednesday, Chuck stopped by to invite us to go with them to Bandera to the 11th Street Bar and Grill. You bring your meat to gill on their grills and then pay $4 for sides to go with your meat. It's a country and western bar also. We were going to leave around 4:30 so we could stop at the grocery to get steaks on the way there. Chuck had decided that we would go via Highway 16 instead of the interstate......took a bit longer than our return trip but the scenery was great and of course the company was wonderful! I think we were late though.....not a big deal for me, I'm always late! Yesterday, Thurdays, we had made arrangements with Leona and Jerry to meet at George West to have lunch and be with them for a while before we both head home. Drive there was mostly in the rain. When Leona called to say they were there, we told them to meet us at the Staghorn Restaurant in Three Rivers, TX. What a great place to eat! Everyone else had catfish and I had Stag Burger......really, really good! We visited for a while and had a good time. On the way home we could see the storm in front of us and even went through some heavy rain and wind but we did not get caught in the hail that we saw along the side of the road. Temperature dropped to 58 and by the time we got back to the trailer it was 78. Nolan and I tried out the pool and hot tub and then finished the night in front of the TV.
I took this picture from the truck....the white stuff along the road is hail.....this was at the end of the was much thicker up the road. Sure glad we weren't in the middle of it!

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