Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm Always Catching Up

Mar 3: Dortha said we needed to go to the Enchanted Rock State Park today.....I was not sure I was up for climbing a big rock so I did a little research last night and it looked like it was just a short climb but maybe a little steep. So.....I thought I would give it a try. It was a big, big rock!!!! Rod and Debbie asked us to ride with them which was good because the truck was not running exactly right. We have an appointment tomorrow to take it in to see what's wrong.....hope it's nothing big! Back to the rock! This is a picture from the bottom....maybe I made a mistake! we go!
Pictures to prove we made it to the top.....Dortha and Mark by the tree and Deb and Ellie in the front.
The view up there was was really, really windy though!!!
After climbing the rock we were all hungry so we stopped at Subway before making our way back to the trailer. Tonight the park put on a dinner of pork was really good for a small place and serving so many....I was impressed. After dinner they had Sarah Gretto (I think that's how you spell her name) who was born blind playing the piano and singing. She was amazing! Wow, what a day....I'm ready for a rest!
Mar 4: Nolan got up and took the truck in to see what was wrong with it....he had a 9:00 am appointment. Lucy actually let me sleep til 9:00 today....much better than the 8:00 or 8:30 that she has been waking me up at. She has an alarm clock in her that goes off every morning without fail....she starts barking right in my face and if that doesn't work, she starts pulling the covers off! Again, Rod and Debbie were hauling us it was to Fredricksburg to eat German. We met almost every one else at 12:30 to eat and then Rod and Debbie dropped us off to pick up the was just a rear U joint and it was covered under warranty so we were only a $100 poorer. Back at the park, we were having a campfire at Arlene and Kevin's trailer. Everyone showed up with snacks and drinks!!! The guys hogged the fire while I was trying to stay warm by Arlene's solar welcome light....didn't work!
Mar 5: So much going on that today I didn't want to do anything....started laundry and watched that all morning. Around noon the sun was shining and it looked so warm that I decided to go lay by the pool even though the cover was not off yet. Arlene had mentioned that she might go to the hot tub today so I was just going to wait for her to show up. However, Arlene never showed up but Kathy did. She sat by me for a while and then got hot. She decided she would go ask them when they were going to open the pool....within minutes a guy was back with the key for the cover and was uncovering the water....all you have to do is ask sometimes....much better! Kathy went to put her swim suit on and then we got in the water....warm 85 degrees. Molly and Bob join us and we sat around until the last minute until time to get ready guessed it, more food. This time we were at Donna and Keith's for "heavy" snack foods. Lots more food! I left around 6:45 to walk the dogs and I had ever intention of going to the Big Barn to watch Australia but after I got the dogs in I was too tired.....just read my email and watched TV. These people can wear a person out!!!!


Jenny Johnson said...

You're behind again--isn't it time to play catch up with the goings on at Kerrville.

Debbie and Rod said...

Wow, you're getting worse than me with the updates. ;)