Tuesday, March 17, 2009


As I've said before, I never know what's up for the day until after I get up in the morning. Today he gave me a choice......take the dogs to the park or go to Fredericksburg and look for some leather string that he's looking for to finish his walking stick. I chose Fredericksburg. It was kind of a late start so our first stop was to find a place to eat. Our first choice was the Bavarian House Inn after we finally figured out how to get into the parking lot and walked in, there was a 20 minute. As I've mentioned before, we do not wait at restaurants so off we went across the street to the Catfish Haven....quite a difference! But OK! We both had the 3 piece catfish daily special. Now to explore the main street looking for a leather shop. We parked at one end and walked and walked and walked......no leather shop but about everything else in between. Sometimes he just surprises the heck out of me.....he was in no hurry to get out of there and it was his idea to go into a couple of the shops. However, didn't find what we were looking for so back to the Buckhorn RV Resort. Again, we sat outside for a while and then watched TV for the rest of the day!

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