Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Scenic Drive

I really didn't think we would do anything today since we had been out the last two or three days but WRONG again. Around 11:00 Nolan asked me if I wanted to go for a drive. Of course, I said yes. We started out on Highway, there were a lot of beautiful places on this road along the Guadalupe River. And, again, I didn't take any pictures but a very nice drive. Around 1:30 we stopped in Leakey for lunch. Not a very big town but we found this place and their special for the day was, I was in seventh heaven! It was very good.

On our way to finish the drive, we drove through Rio Frio and Bandera. We were going to go to the Frontier Museum around Bandera but we took the wrong turn so we just passed on that. Back in Kerrville we decided to try HEB again (it's a grocery store chain in Texas that most people really, really like). We had tried the one in Rockport several times and did not have good experiences and had not been in one since. So, in we went, same kind of experience.....Nolan does not like lots of people anywhere! And, again, there were lots of people everywhere! Nolan is always pushing me out of someone's way when there's lots of people around and that totally makes me aggravated. I'm usually not in anyone's way but he sure thinks I am and he can't wait to get out so we're running down the isle. Whew......back at the trailer I just sat around outside for a while and then started working on my taxes since we had gotten our mail sent to us here and I had my 1099s......too funny, no W2s cause I don't work any more!

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