Sunday, March 15, 2009

I finally got up in time to catch some of the guys before they left this morning. So Lucy, Oscar and I headed down the street to say goodbye. I caught Mark and Dortha and Arlene and Keith before they left. I missed John and Brenda sorry....I'm not an early morning person. Back at the trailer Nolan wanted to go out for breakfast at the Mexican Restaurant so off we went.....this was Nolan's kind of restaurant.....a small, local type restaurant. It is really a good place to eat! We stopped at Walmart to get another steak cause Nolan decided we couldn't share the one we had bought earlier and then it was back to our home. I vacuumed and washed clothes and then the sun came out. I set up the dog pen and outside we all sat for the rest of the afternoon. Lots of activity in the park but didn't see anyone we knew. Steaks were great and I ate way too much......guess that's not something that's confined to the RV Dreamers get togethers!

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